eastern eats in the far north

I am in Anchorage for work right now. The best part of coming here is going out to get Indian food. The restaurant that I think makes some of the yummiest Indian food I’ve eaten, is called Bombay Deluxe. It’s a family run place and the food is authentic and delicious. The atmosphere is kind without a hint of pretentiousness. We have yet to convince the owner to open a restaurant in Juneau, even though we ask him every time! If you’re from Juneau, be sure to do the same if you come and eat here. Maybe we can convince him one day.

Last night the place seemed busier than normal, apparently they are doing coupons on Groupon now, so that might be worth checking out. We had to wait about a half an hour for our table, but that gave us time to go next door and explore the Asian food market. My suitcase is now packed full of curries and spices to bring home. How fun!

Our delicious meal. Next time you’re in Anchorage, go eat here. You will not be disappointed. So good!